6-9 September 2018 | Kaohsiung, Taiwan

20th Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology Congress

6-9 September 2018 | Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Visitors can find convenient taxi services in most of Taiwan’s cities. The starting and meter rates vary depending on each city, according to local laws. But the difference is rather small. Most drivers do not speak English, however. Therefore we advise that you ask a hotel staff to write down the destination in Mandarin and the estimate charge first, so that you can hand it over to the driver later. Keep a note of the info of the hotel you stay with in Mandarin, too.

‧ Start:NT$85 for the first 1.5 kilometers.
‧ Meter fare:NT$ 5 for every 250 meters
‧ Postponement time: NT$ 5 for every 3 minutes if speed under 5Km/hr
‧ Night hours mark-up: 20% from 23:00 to 06:00
‧ Lunar New Year Mark-up: NT$50 added to metered amount from the day before Lunar New Year’s Eve to the 5th day of Lunar New Year regardless of hour of a day.
‧ Service charge: NT$10 for access to trunk.

In Kaohsiung, the taxis hotline is 0800 087 778 or 07-315 6666. If you have safety concerns call for a cab, as all calls are recorded and saved for one month.


The city has a decent bus system that ties in with the KMRT. The bus hub is directly in front of the train station, and buses have English signage at the front and electronic English displays inside indicating the next stop.

Routes are clearly mapped in English at every KMRT station, and a one-zone fare is NT$12.


At this moment, Kaohsiung has two KRT lines, the red and the orange, as well as light-rail transits, which makes a convenient transport system for residents and visitors alike. Kaohsiung’s public transit network, the MRT (www.krtco.com.tw), is handy for visitors, going to all of the main spots that travellers want to visit. Trains generally run 6am-midnight and abundant English signs and maps make the system easy to use.

Depending on the distance, a single journey ride starts from NT$20 to NT$65. The one-day pass which may be purchased at each station’s service counter is NT$150. On the date of validation you may take the KRT as many times as you like. Each pass may only be used by one person at a time, however. Other types of ticket are also available, such as two-day pass.


Taiwan High Speed Rail



Railway Train



Taipei Mass Rapid Transit




Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System


Further Information About Transport

For more information about getting to and from the airport, please visit the here for more information

Useful Apps

Our toll-free Tourist Hotline (0800-011-765) serves visitors from all over the world around the clock in Mandarin, English and Japanese. Find us if you have an emergency. The hotline is considered by many as an indispensable, useful tourist service.

Available for free download in both Chinese and English versions, the “Tour Taiwan” app gives iOS and Android smartphone users easy access to information on nearby attractions, accommodations, and transportation. The app was released by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau with independent travelers mainly in mind. It offers over 16,000 location-based services, including information on visitor sites, accommodations, dining, travel service centers, police stations, hospitals, parking lots, gas stations, and train/bus stations, ensuring a trouble-free journey.